Friday, March 27, 2009

MORE New Stills From Ca$h!!!

Looks like we've struck pay dirt with even more new stills from
Sean's upcoming film, Ca$H!

We have a couple new ones of Pyke and Reese plus a beautiful one of Leslie (played by Victoria Profeta.) So let's hear it from you out there. Who's looking more attractive--Pyke or Reese? Could you go for a man with a hundred dollars tattoed on his neck? At least you'd know he always have a little money on him....(sorry, couldn't resist...)

Then there's Reese, a rather dapper dresser himself. Goes for the suit instead of the short sleeved, more casual style of his twin. He dresses like he has money, at least.

Hard to you think orange is more Sean's color...
Or is it blue?

And then there's the woman, turning men's heads.
Or could it be Leslie's head
that's turned this time?

Leslie is all dressed up, looking gorgeous so you've got to wonder just what she is doing, who she is doing it for and most importantly...Why?

Must say, these photos have us chomping at the bit to discover who and what
these people are all about!

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