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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


L to R, Antony Thekkek, Stephen Milburn Anderson, Victoria Profeta,
Mike Starr, Naveen Chathappuram, Greg Fawcett

by Traci Moore and Myriam Lechuga

The world premiere of CASH in Las Vegas on March 25th was a beautiful, star-filled night both inside and out the gorgeous Palms Casino Resort. We arrived and saw everyone setting up for the big event. Photographers were everywhere, a myriad of lights were set up and of course the staging area was set for the stars of the long awaited Sean Bean film, CASH!

Everyone jostled into place as the stars and the hard working people behind the scenes of CASH trooped in front of the press to take their place in the limelight to celebrate their achievement of bringing the independent film CASH to the cinematic screen at long last!

Unfortunately, Sean Bean could not be there for reasons of current commitments, he was in the midst of two films, The Lost Future and the prequel to Death Race 2000 in South Africa, and flying to the Ukraine for more filming, and could not break away from his schedule but sent his sincere regrets at not being able to be there for this very special film. Co-star Chris Hemsworth could not be there as well, as he was also on location in New Mexico filming Thor with director Kenneth Brannagh.

Stephen Milburn Anderson

First up was the director of CASH, Stephen Milburn Anderson. This iconoclastic director looked very dapper as he posed for the cameras, managing to look modest yet proud in bringing his creation to the cinema without the aid of a major studio. No mean feat for anyone in the entertainment industry in these days and times.

L to R, Stephen Milburn Anderson, Victoria Profeta,

Mike Starr, Naveen Chathappuram

A stunning Victoria Profeta stepped up to the carpet, looking gorgeous in a beautiful Temperley dress. Then came Mike Starr, a very gifted character actor that we all know from countless films including Goodfellas and who shares a memorable scene with Sean. He was affable and talkative, fielding questions and comments alike. Next, Greg Fawcett who plays the news anchor in CASH showed a charm and zaniness in front of cameras, fans, and his entourage as he strutted his stuff on the red carpet as well. You could tell this group of people really love their work!

L to R, Prema Thekkek, Nithya Madhavan, Azeeza Desai,

Naveen Chathappuram, Zeenat Desai, Chelses Venkadathu.

Then the hard working crew from behind the scenes made their appearance. The film’s producer Naveen Chathappuram arrived with his beautiful wife, Priya, followed by the film’s Executive producer, Prema Thekkek and husband and actor, Antony Thekkek, who also plays a part in CASH. We were then greeted by the marketing team of CASH: the Director of Marketing, Azeeza Desai, Director of Media, Zeenat Desai, Digital Arts Coordinator Nithya Madhavan, and Documentary Editor and Creative Director, Chelses Venkadathu.

L, Priya Chathappuram, R, Naveen Chathappuram

L to R, Azeeza Desai, Naveen Chathappuram, Zeenat Desai

Now it was time to take our seats in the theater to finally, FINALLY see the long awaited screening of Sean Bean’s latest film CASH! But first…a few words from its glorious sponsors. Stephen spoke and emphasized to the audience that CASH was a truly independent film. He explained that though many independent films may get made and some may be good and some may be bad getting this film actually made and into the cinema at last was the true measure of success for any film and he was greeted with a great round of applause. Naveen then came up and made a very humble and sincere speech about how it took more than seven years to get to the point we were all at this evening, showing this film a movie theater screen. He thanked everyone and said he couldn’t have done it without the help of all those involved.

Executive producer Prema Thekken came up and talked about what a great experience it had been to work on her first American film and how wonderful the entire team had been. She was followed by her husband and fellow producer and actor Antony Thekken. Antony explained that he was a very well known actor in India and when he read the script an performed his part in the film he thought he had a serious dramatic role. Imagine his surprise when he saw the film and realized that under Stephen’s expert direction he had one of the most comedic roles in CASH. The audience broke out in laughter along with Antony.

We were all getting restless to find out about CASH for ourselves! Then the lights went down, the film started and the long awaited credits for CASH began to roll…

Coming Up Next — Our Review!!!

L to R, Traci Moore (Cash the Film Fan Blog) Serna, Melise Leech (Sean Bean Online)
Myriam Lechuga (Cash the Film Fan Blog) Sable Crow (Sean Bean Online)


CASH Starts Nationwide April 9th!

The time is drawing nearer to see the edgy new thriller right now and will go nationwide on April 9th!

CASH is currently playing in San Diego, Fresno, Las Vegas and Minneapolis! See your local theater listings for dates and times!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Video From the Red Carpet World Premiere of CASH in Las Vegas!

See stars Victoria Profeta and Greg Fawcett and producer Naveen Chathappuram on the red carpet for the world premiere of CASH at the Brenden Theaters in Las Vegas!

And stay tuned for our detailed report of what happened at the premiere as we were there to witness the events, coming up next!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Important News Regarding Fandango and Movie Tickets.Com

There seems to have been a bit of miscommunication with Fandango and Movie in regards to their links in directing fans to the correct film titled CASH starring Sean Bean that just opened March 26th. Fandango and Movie had mistakenly directed initial ticket buyers to the wrong film and we wanted to make sure that anyone interested in purchasing tickets would be able to do by going to the correct links here:


Coming Soon - Exclusive Report from the CA$H World Premiere March 25

CA$H The Film Fan blog was present at the CA$H World Premiere last night in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we had the pleasure of screening the movie with the filmmakers and several cast members.

Sean Bean gave a wonderful performance in his starring role. Chris Hemsworth was great in his first US movie role. Stay tuned for our exclusive eyewitness report of the fabulous CA$H Premiere and pictures from the Red Carpet event!

Myriam Lechuga and Traci Moore

Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the "Walk the Red Carpet" Winner is?

Congratulations to Philip T of Lansing, MI, who won the CASH
Walk the Red Carpet Contest.

Philip and a guest will going to the exciting World Premiere of

Good News - There still time to enter the Stack of CASH Giveaway Contest

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Excited about the release of CASH? Us too!

We're helping to celebrate the much anticipated release by giving away a set prop from the film! It's a stack of CASH autographed by the director/producer of the film Stephen Milburn Anderson and Naveen Chathappuram. The prop was kindly donated to us by the CA$H team in recognition of our dedication and work promoting the film CA$H over the past year.

Qualifying to win is easy, just become a fan of the CASH Facebook page, FilmCASH, and post a comment anytime we post the CASH Giveaway image on one of our blog posts! You must mention in your comment seeing the CASH Giveaway image on CASH The Film Fan Blog.

Winner will be selected at random based on qualifications. Must have joined the CASH Facebook page and posted a comment from the date of publication of this post, March 13,2010.

Come join us in supporting the Indie film that offers twice the menace, twice the charm, twice the talent that is known as Sean Bean.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Film CA$H Casting Call: Cast yourself by placing yourself in the official movie poster!

CA$H stars notorious bad boy Sean Bean (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Lord of the Rings), 2011's hottest star Chris Hemsworth (Marvel's upcoming THOR, Star Trek) and The Drew Carey Show's Victoria Profeta (Push). CA$H, a quirky psychological thriller, releases March 26th in select cities; April 9th nationwide.

Be the face of the CA$H movie poster with this special partnership with PhotoFunia!

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3. Click "Publish" to share this on your Facebook. While you're at it, join The Film CA$H Fanpage!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ingenious Psychological Thriller as Social Satire


by Marcus Littwin

The film creates a truly claustrophobic tension without a large share of direct violence. The viewer may feel the the pair, who were caught by Pyke and feel as they've been caught stealing, even if it's already stolen money. The film also shows how obtained or stolen money corrupts the character and how it can change a man if he gains power with a weapon. Thus, the two obviously find pleasure in the robbery, they enjoy the adrenaline rush, while veteran Pyke as always remains loose and in control of the situation. I would not describe the film as a profound psychoanalysis, but inside there is already a lot of truth.

Conclusion: Ingenious psychological thriller as a social satire - well worth seeing!

Film Review by: Marcus Littwin / All Reviews by Marcus Littwin

To read the entire review please click here

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


IMMORTAL THOUGHTS--Meet the People Who Bring You the New Film CASH

Meet the creative team behind the new Sean Bean film, CASH. Immortal Thoughts. Headed by the Producer of CASH, Naveen Chathappuram, this US based motion picture production house is commited to providing in-depth, original films to audiences worldwide.

Please click here to read more about Immortal Thoughts!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Tattoos are featured prominently in the upcoming film CA$H, starring Sean Bean (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Lord of the Rings) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Star Trek). CA$H will open March 26th, 2010 via Roadside Attractions.

The film showcases tattoos on lead star Bean, who is known to have tattoos in actual life, including a “Nine” in Elvish in reference to the nine members of the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings, all of whom got similar tattoos; and a “100% Blade” tattoo in honor of his favorite football team, Sheffield United.

The film also features Bruce Potts, known for his fully-inked face and head.

“Tattoos personify what is important to you,” said CA$H producer Naveen Chathappuram. “The Ben Frank tattooed on Sean Bean’s neck in CA$H says it all. He wants his money from Chris Hemsworth, and that’s all that matters to him.”

The casting of Bruce Potts was a deliberate move by the filmmakers; in fact, CA$H Director Stephen Milburn Anderson saw the brightly-tattooed Potts at an Albuquerque coffee shop and was intrigued by his face. Although Anderson didn’t approach Potts at the time, he jokingly told his wife, “I’ve got to cast that guy in a movie. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

Years later, when Anderson and Chathappuram began filming CA$H, Anderson immediately thought of the matchless face at the Albuquerque coffee shop and began his pursuit of the so-called “tattoo man.” A friend of Anderson’s at the University of New Mexico knew exactly who he was.

“It turns out he was a professor at the University of New Mexico,” laughed Anderson. “People have asked about the brilliant makeup job on Bruce Potts in CA$H. They’re always floored to hear that it’s not makeup. It’s the real deal.”

“We wanted someone who the audience could look at and think, ‘Wow, this guy is really edgy,’” added Chathappuram. ” Bruce Potts was exactly who we were looking for. His tattoos are a work of art.”

The film’s fixation with tattoos emerges from Anderson’s personal interest in the industry.

“It’s ironic because I don’t have a tattoo myself. But I see a lot of people with tattoos that are really fascinating and attractive,” Anderson said. “Naveen and I thought it would add a new dimension to Sean Bean’s character. Once Sean Bean saw the $100 bill design, he really liked it.”

In sync with the money theme, Roadside and the filmmakers have collaborated with to offer moviegoers a chance to “Demand” the film and cash in on $2,500.

CA$H is a quirky psychological thriller that explores the power money can wield over humans. When a struggling young couple, Sam (Chris Hemsworth) and Leslie Phelan (Victoria Profeta) find a suitcase full of cash, they think their luck will take a turn for the better—until the strange and sinister criminal Pyke Kubic (Sean Bean) arrives at their doorstep, looking to collect what he believes is rightfully his. What follows is an action-packed adventure through the streets of Chicago as the three are pulled deeper and deeper into a desperate spiral of deception and violence… All in the name of cash. Joining Anderson and Chathappuram is executive producer Prema Thekkek.

Monday, March 8, 2010

This Just In: Sean Creepy as Hell in CASH?? Oh Yeah!!!!!!

Sean Bean in this one is creepy as hell. Its all starts with a bank robbery that goes slightly wrong when they (including sean bean) have to ditch the money off a bridge. The money falls on the bonnet of a passing car, when the guy opens the case and sees the money he decides finders keepers.

For the rest of the review please click here

Saturday, March 6, 2010

CASH Screens BIG in Manhattan

CASH is one of two new films that launched the brand new BIG Cinemas in Manhattan Thursday night!

AVSTV Reports:

BIG Cinemas' Momentous Opening in Manhattan

Published Thu, Mar 4, 2010

BIG Cinemas’ Momentous Opening in Manhattan

BIG Cinemas is already India’s largest cinema chain, a division of the media giant company that is Reliance MediaWorks and a member of the Reliance ADA Group. So it’s no surprise that now that BIG Cinemas has taken over a nearly abandoned and insufficiently attended movie theater formerly known as Imaginasian on East 59th Street in Manhattan, it has turned it into something - for lack of a better word - BIG!

Click here for full article

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go on, tell us--What Would You Do for Cash?

In order to help promote the UK DVD release of CASH, the Coventry Telegraph asked
What Would You Do for Cash?

The beauty of the internet is anonymity. Read the answers here and then tell us what YOU would do for Cash. Inquiring minds want to know. Are we all the law-abiding, upstanding citizens we purport ourselves to be??? Comment and let us know. We promise not to tell...

The shocking truth of what you would do for CA$H

By David Bentley on Mar 2, 10 10:54 PM

CA$H image1.jpg

In a new poll commissioned to promote this week's DVD release of CA$H, starring Sean Bean and Chris Hemsworth (the lead in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming Thor), the public were asked how far they would go for money.

In the wake of the economic crisis, Brits would consider adultery, prostitution, theft and murder to keep the bailiffs away.

Read the rest of the article here

Chris Hemsworth takes on Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth's home country of Australia hails their boy for his role in CASH!

From FilmInk:

Before hitting the big time in the upcoming Thor, former Home & Away star Chris Hemsworth starred in a US thriller set for limited release in the States.


Before local talent Chris Hemsworth was picking up leading roles in big-name Hollywood pictures, he starred in a US film called CA$H, a psychological thriller that is set for a small theatrical US release, before hitting DVD.

Writer and director of CA$H, Stephen Milburn Anderson (South Central), said he recognised Hemsworth's star quality immediately. "Chris had been in the US only a few weeks when he auditioned for CA$H. We saw immediate potential in him, and CA$H became his first film. We knew he was going to be a star."

To read the rest of the article, click here