Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ingenious Psychological Thriller as Social Satire


by Marcus Littwin

The film creates a truly claustrophobic tension without a large share of direct violence. The viewer may feel the the pair, who were caught by Pyke and feel as they've been caught stealing, even if it's already stolen money. The film also shows how obtained or stolen money corrupts the character and how it can change a man if he gains power with a weapon. Thus, the two obviously find pleasure in the robbery, they enjoy the adrenaline rush, while veteran Pyke as always remains loose and in control of the situation. I would not describe the film as a profound psychoanalysis, but inside there is already a lot of truth.

Conclusion: Ingenious psychological thriller as a social satire - well worth seeing!

Film Review by: Marcus Littwin / All Reviews by Marcus Littwin

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