Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cannes: How Did It Go?

Now that the Cannes Film Festival has officially ended, we are left in a state of perplexed wonderment. We are anxiously waiting on news on how CA$H did in Cannes - And we hope it went well! Word has it that they added an extra screening...

But we can report that the CA$H Marketing Team had a private screening of the movie at the Gene Siskel film center in Chicago, which means more people are getting to see this exciting film! http://www.siskelfilmcenter.org/

Stay tuned folks, when the news hits, you'll be the first to know right here!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hot of the Press ! Ca$h! News from the Evanston Review

May 21, 2009

By J.T. MORAND jtmorand@pioneerlocal.com

Movie producer Naveen Chathappuram wants to solidify Chicago as a movie-making locale.

At the same time, "Ca$h," Chathappuram's first major motion picture shot in Chicago intended for wide distribution, is putting the producer's company, Immortal Thoughts Productions, on the map.

Chathappuram, who was raised in Downers Grove and attended Columbia College, always thought Chicago, with all its dichotomies, was overlooked by Hollywood. He opened the Immortal Thoughts office in Northfield and set his sights on producing movies in the Windy City.

"My aim was to shoot in Chicago. It just went with my vision," he said. "To me, L.A. has gotten old, it's gotten boring to me."

"Ca$h" addresses the old dilemma of greed vs. morality, but it's not stale. The issue is being scrutinized today more than ever.

In this psychological thriller, some good fortune lands in the lap of a Chicago couple down on their luck, Sam and Leslie Phelan, played by Chris Hemsworth and Victoria Profeta. But, when the sinister Pyke Kubic, played by Sean Bean, shows up, the couple's fortune could be more trouble than it's worth. The couple is dragged by Kubic through one hair-raising situation after another on the streets of Chicago.

Immortal Thoughts has produced a couple films called "Beyond the Sun," a low budget effort in 2001, and "Nothing But Life," featuring some Bollywood stars and released in India in 2005. "Ca$h" was written and directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson, who also directed "South Central," "Hearts of Stone," and "Dead Men Can't Dance" among other films.

Anderson wrote the script, originally called, "The Root of All Evil," in 1993, because he was fascinated by the influence of money at that time. Fast forward 16 years, when swindlers like Bernie Madoff, sub prime mortgages and exorbitant bonuses for executives of failing companies dominate the news. Money still seems to be the root of all evil.

"It's come to be incredibly apropos," Anderson said of the story.

"I can't believe how relevant it is to these times," Chathappuram added.

Chathappuram said if a script doesn't grab him in the first five pages, he sets it down.

But, "Ca$h" was different.

"I read the whole script," he said. "It was very captivating."

Anderson originally set the film in Los Angeles, but changed his mind after visiting Chicago at the request of Chathappuram, who said Chicago was the better city in which to shoot. He agreed that Chicago, a city he'd never been to before, was better suited to "Ca$h."

He said the Phelans are more Chicagoan than they are Angelino -- they're rooted, hard-working and down to earth.

"In L.A., people are there for a job," he said. "But in Chicago, people are there because they like to live there."

Anderson, who lives in New Mexico, said another of his scripts, which is about to start shooting, is also set in the Windy City.

"I fell in love with Chicago," he said.

Producer and director are confident "Ca$h" will get picked up because it addresses many of today's financial concerns such as foreclosure, debt, unemployment and desperation in an action-packed way. They're anticipating a fall release in wide distribution.

Media 8 Entertainment, which produced and distributed the Academy Award-winning "Monster," is serving as the sales agent for "Ca$h," which was shown at the March du Film at the Cannes Film Festival last week with hopes of finding a distributor for the film.

Plus, the rising star power of Hemsworth, who appears at the beginning of the new "Star Trek" blockbuster as James T. Kirk's father and the always threatening Bean, whose works include "Lord of the Rings," "National Treasure" and "The Hitcher," are strong selling points.

"That," Chathappuram said, "is going to add to the glow of our film."

For source of article and more photos of CASH! click on link below:


2009 Digital Chicago, Inc.

Photos: CASH! The Film Fan Blog thanks CASH!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cast News: Sean Bean Nominated for Best Actor In Red Riding

Congratulations to Sean Bean for his nomination as Best Actor for his role as John Dawson in Red Riding in this year's UK TV Quick and TV Choice Awards.

Red Riding leads the nominations for this year's awards and in addition to Sean the series itself is nominated in the best new drama category.

The awards ceremony will take place at London's Dorchester Hotel on September 7.

Prizes are awarded based on reader votes from TV Quick and TV Choice. To cast your vote go to www.tvquick.co.uk.

Exciting times for the cast of CASH!

Source: Digital Spy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cast News: Chris Hemsworth cast as Thor

CA$H! star Chris Hemsworth has been cast as Thor in Marvel Studios live action mega movie directed by Kenneth Branagh and scheduled for release in 2010. Chris will play the character in two movies, Thor and The Avengers. No wonder the man is smiling.

The story was first reported on Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily.

Who is Thor?
According to Wikipedia Thor is a fictional superhero based on the deity of the same name from Norse mythology, who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Oh yes,
there is also a report that Chris was just cast in the remake of the movie Red Dawn.

Of course, we can all see Chris later this year starring in
CA$H! with Sean Bean. Stay tuned for reports from Cannes and the Marche du Film in the coming weeks. The Cannes premiere of CA$H! is scheduled for Monday, May 18.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Cannes

Going to Cannes next week? Here's your chance to see CASH! at the Marche du Film.
In parallel to the Festival de Cannes, the Marché du Film, since its creation in 1959, has become platform of exchanges between professionals from all around the world. Each year, producers, international sellers, distributors and financiers meet up in Cannes to form partnerships for tomorrow’s films.
See below for screening times and information:


Duration : 108 minutes
Genre : Action/Adventure
Country(ies) : USA
Language(s) : ENGLISH
Director(s) : Steven Milburn ANDERSON
Cast : Sean BEAN, Chris HEMSWORTH, Victoria PROFETA
Producer(s) : Naveen CHATHAPPURAM

Market status
CAN Screening (Premiere)


May 18

12:00 LERINS 2

May 19

18:00 LERINS 2

CASH is an action-driven psychological thriller in which a stroke of good luck for Sam (Chris Hemsworth) quickly turns into a deadly game, when the strange and sinister criminal Pyke Kubic (Sean Bean) appears at their doorstep.

Market History : Cannes 2009 (Premiere)

Production Schedule
Year of production : 2009


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chris Hemsworth Star Trek Now- CA$H Later

CA$H! star Chris Hemsworth can be seen on movie screens now in Star Trek. Chris plays George Kirk, father to future Star Fleet officer James T. Kirk.

Star Trek premiered April 30 in Los Angeles and below we see Chris Hemsworth's arrival at this star packed event:

"Chris Hemsworth (Kirk, Sr.) delivers an outstanding... performance as Kirk’s father, with Jennifer Morrison (Kirk’s mother) doing an equally amazing job. Their work together in the first major pivotal scene in the film is some of the best acting in the entire flick, and will almost certainly make any fan get misty-eyed." StellarCross.org

Click on photo to see a video interview with Chris Hemsworth at the Star Trek Premiere.

Chris Hemsworth next film CA$H! will premiere later this year.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kray Twinz Behind -the- Scenes on the set of CASH!

See the Kray Twinz hard at work on the music for CASH! Click on the link below for more photos and a report on their work for the film:


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sean is Sharpe

It is an interesting phenomenon when a role becomes so identified with an actor that this portrayal becomes that character forever in the public’s mind. I’m sure this phenomenon has a number of consequences for the actor, the producers, the writers, and the director of a series or film and also for the creator of the character.

When Sean Bean, by a twist of fate, got the role of Richard Sharpe in a series based on Bernard Cornwell’s popular novels, he made the role his own. No matter the description in the early novels of Sharpe as a black haired Londoner, after 1993 Sharpe was now and forever a blond man from Yorkshire. His creation of the role is so vivid, that for some fans Richard Sharpe is almost a separate person from actor Sean Bean. The consequences for Sean Bean’s career are many, but one consequence is indisputable, that Richard Sharpe and the Sharpe series made him a huge star in the UK.

Richard Sharpe is the creation of Bernard Cornwell and is the main character in his series of historical novels about the British Army under the command of Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, during the Napoleonic Wars and also in India. Bernard Cornwell says of his creation:
Sharpe is a villain; he's a rogue, but he's our rogue, he's our villain.

The Sharpe television series aired in the UK between 1993 and 1997. After a break of several years, Sean returned to the role of Richard Sharpe in two series filmed in India: Sharpe’s Challenge, which aired in April 2006, and Sharpe’s Peril which aired in November 2008. For those not familiar with the books, the series, or the history behind both, you can go to our website for more information, www.SharpePointe.com.

Richard Sharpe is a larger-than-life hero, who kills the French, is loyal to his men, fights enemies within his own ranks, and rescues damsels in distress in his spare time. For Sean Bean the challenge is keeping his Sharpe still very human, a man whose struggle the audience can identify with, whose wins we can celebrate, and whose passions we can relate to.

The Sharpe series is also about merit and friendship. Merit, because at a time when money was the road to promotion in the British military, Richard Sharpe, son of a prostitute and penniless orphan, rises through the ranks and becomes an officer due to his skill, intelligence, and cunning. He’s also a true gentleman, not by birth and money, but by nature and charm. Sean Bean is perfect at portraying this duality in Sharpe’s character. He skillfully portrays a man who is sure of his luck and skill in battle, yet insecure in society. Sean is also very believable in portraying Sharpe in the early episodes of the series as a natural but inexperienced leader who is at first not accepted by his men as a "proper officer". But with "tough love" he forms a strong bond with Sergeant Patrick Harper and with the Chosen Men under his command. In the clips below we see some of these layers of character in Sean Bean’s performance:

That brings me to Richard Sharpe as Romantic Hero. Why would a series about war have such a large female audience? I would say the answer is both Sean Bean and his alter ego Richard Sharpe.

How perfect for a late 20th Century female audience that Sharpe’s first love in the series is a soul mate, a woman warrior and guerilla leader, Teresa Moreno, played by Spanish actress Assumpta Serna. Teresa is Sharpe in reverse, a young woman of wealth who because of the rape and pillage of French soldiers becomes a rebel leader and a killer of the enemy. She is Sharpe’s first true love and Sean Bean as officer and gentleman knows how to turn flawlessly from soldier to lover. We can see in his eyes, and his body language that he can make us believe the battle hardened solider can also be tender, passionate, gallant, and understanding to his women.

Combine this with a dashing uniform and a handsome man, and women fans continue to follow the series, and read the books. We can get a glimpse of Sean as romantic hero in the video below of several romantic scenes between Sharpe (Sean Bean) and Teresa (Assumpta Serna):

But did I mention that our romantic hero is not always faithful to his women? Yes, there’s that rogue part again…the bad boy we’ve talked about before. Sharpe may be true to his loves in heart and soul, but not always in body. So this brings us back to the question, are women attracted to bad boys? Maybe I’ll continue to explore this in future posts with more about the series and more about Sharpe and his women.

Later this year Sean Bean becomes not one, but two vivid and multi-layered characters in CA$H! We can look forward to seeing him as Pyke and Reese.