Monday, April 20, 2009

Answers to Sean Bean and Far North Article Trivia Questions

Thank you for commenting and posting your answers to the Far North trivia questions (see earlier post about Sean Bean as Loki). Check below to see if you got the correct answers.

Answers to Trivia Questions

Where was Sean Bean when Asif Kapadia called to talk about Far North? Where was Asif Kapadia? What movie was Sean filming at the time?

Sean Bean was in New Mexico filming The Hitcher and Asif Kapadia was in London talking on his cell phone in a restaurant car park.

Why did cast and crew have to be protected by men with guns while filming?

The cast and crew had to be protected from 3,000 polar bears that live in the location the movie was filmed.

One of the mysteries of the movie is the time and place the movie takes place. The movie was really filmed in what country?

The movie was filmed in Svalbard, Norway, near the Arctic Circle.

Who wrote the short story the film is based on?

Sara Maitland

If familiar with the short story name a few differences between the movie and the story?

True that the short story has only three characters, but in the story the characters had no names. Asif Kapadia and Tim Miller, who wrote the screenplay for the movie, gave them the names of Saiva, Anja, and Loki.

Another difference in the short story the man and one of the women are young, the second woman is old, and though we don't really know her age, she is clearly much older than the two other characters. In the film, Loki (Sean Bean) and Saiva (Michelle Yeoh) are contemporaries in age, and Anja (Michelle Krusiec) is younger.

In the video below Sean Bean, Michelle Yeoh, and Asif Kapadia comment on the making of Far North.