Monday, January 18, 2010

Screen Rant Has Great Praise for CASH

Moola, greenback, cheddar, lettuce, Benjamins, dough, c-note, buck or cash – whatever term you use to describe it, everyone needs more money (even James Cameron, apparently). Have you ever found some money on the ground and kept it? Of course you have. Everyone does that, there’s no way to figure out who dropped that lone twenty or fifty dollar bill, so might as well keep it! But what if the money was in a wallet? That changes the whole game. You could take the money out and return the wallet saying you found it empty – or, if your moral standards are slightly higher, just return it like you found it.

Personally, I find money all the time laying around (mostly at restaurants on empty dirty tables :-) ) and I keep it. There’s no sense in letting someone else find and keep it. Let’s say though that the amount was significantly higher and you found it in a briefcase or duffel bag. What would you do then? Spend it or return it? What if the owner of the money started looking for you instead of you looking for him? That would sure change things in a hurry.

Such is the premises behind the new film Cash starring Sean Bean (Black Death, Lord of the Rings), Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Red Dawn) and directed by Stephen Millburn Anderson (South Central), who also wrote the screenplay. Cash was filmed by Three Good Men in association with Immortal Thoughts, Golden Wings Cinema and Tomahawk Films and was produced by Naveen Chathappuram with Prema Thekkek serving as executive producer.

I like the thought behind Cash and I’m a big fan of Hemsworth, who was on screen for only a few minutes in last summer’s Star Trek reboot but managed to really make a name for himself. He followed that up with a solid performance in A Perfect Getaway and I’m hoping he really nails his portrayal of Jed in the Red Dawn remake and, of course, the god of thunder Thor.

Sean Bean is no slouch either. He became a fanboy favorite after his role as Boromir in Lord of the Rings and he brings get depth to his characters in movies like Ronin, Troy and Equilibrium. He also has a way of playing a great bad guy in National Treasure, Flightplan and The Island, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do as Pyke Kubic and his twin brother Reese Kubic in Cash.

If you don’t already know, Screen Rant is a big promoter of original movie ideas coming out of Hollywood. Sure, we like the big mainstream stuff and some remakes are catching our eye – but there’s nothing more refreshing than a seeing a movie that doesn’t have a lot of hype behind it get picked up and made available to a wide audience. My sources tell me that an announcement regarding the distribution and release date for Cash will be made by early February.
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