Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why Are Women Attracted to Bad Boys?

by Myriam Lechuga and Traci Moore

Ah yes. Why are women attracted to bad boys? In this special Ca$h! trailer we'll see Director Stephen Milburn Anderson discuss the main themes of Ca$h and the age old conundrum of women who are attracted to bad boys will be examined in his exciting new film.

Since this all neatly ties into the Ca$h! film starring our favorite villain/bad boy Sean Bean we want to know what is it that attracts a woman to someone so bad? In films, television and even real life, women seem to love bad boys. What makes a bad boy so darn attractive? Irresistible? Hot? Is it the risk, the danger, the rebellion? Are nice guys just boring? Too predictable? Unexciting? Just too…nice?

Check out the following clips featuring Sean Bean and Chris Hemsworth. Which character would you want to end up with after all was said and done?



And guys—we want to hear from you as well. Do you see yourself as a good guy or a bad guy? What do you think of women being attracted to bad boys? Does it make you want to act up? Or do nice guys finish last and usually end up getting the girl?


It's the reason why most women like to wear men's shirts, even though the sleeves hang down over their fingertips. The same reason they get all gooey when their fella wraps them in his jacket at the first hint of a chill breeze. We don't NEED to be protected, but we LIKE it. We like men because they're not women - and we equate that 'bad' behaviour with their physical, mental, and emotional ability to take care of us in a pinch.

Apart from that it happens in RL to nice, everyday women that run off with that guy fixing their car, that one who has too many tattoos. I think it's a combination of physical attraction, hormones, the urge to do something dangerous, something thrilling and maybe most of all fun.

I guess this topic is much more complex, and I guess the exact answer on "why bad boys" doesn't exist. For some ladies it is a question of thrills, and for some it's about power. But for some unfortunate ones, it is about fear, and powerlessness. I'm not sure that came out right....If a women is strong enough to handle "bad boys" that can be exciting and so, but if a women is not strong enough and lives a life of submission and fear, and so on....So many wonder why those women don't leave, and I actually don't know why. Love, security, right and wrong treatment.
Lady Blue

I dated a bad boy along time ago and he shook me from my hum drum life and gave me new purpose. He showed me that life isn't boring! Without it I would never have ventured off to another country to work and would never have met my husband!

I don't go for the nice, predictable men who put out the garbage and help around the house. They are simply not interesting enough. I myself am quite boring so I need someone else to bring some excitement in my life and frankly, I'd rather have a bad boy who makes a lot of money so I can hire someone to do the housework.
Blue Jay

I believe its due to the basic human instinct to survive and reproduce. A bad boy will fight, takes risks, not be afraid to stamp out the competition. Think of rutting deers. The alpha stag has proved himself in the rutt and attracts the most does because they see his DNA as a better prospect for the survival of the young.

I'll think more about why we like the bad boys, the truth is that they are more attractive, and I’m not referring to the physical, than the good boys, I think we all have a touch of wickedness in us, (and that’s what attracts us. )

I really don't believe Sean is a bad boy...I believe as an actor he has so much more to offer. I loved him in LOTR, in that part he showed real, deep and honest emotions of human internal struggles. I think he's much more appealing when playing characters who are fighting for something, someone, or against an injustice.

Women like things that are enigmatic or puzzling and a lot of the time I think they're trying to save people. Not to make the bad boy good but to understand him and master it or something, like a challenge.

Because bad boys have an aura of masculinity, independence and confidence, these are traits that are very attractive to women . Because women want to "save" and "rehabilitate" the bad boy.

So perhaps the ideal is a reformed bad boy, someone who is interesting and exciting, a manly man who will 'fight' for us, who is independent of the crowd and does his own thing on his own terms, but who does also have integrity and a caring and sensitive side, and who wears a green uniform - oops, am I getting too specific??!!

It's worth the risk to give up the safety of the good guy ....better to have tried. Deep down we're not the the type that matches the bad boy... we try to make ourselves feel interesting by wanting the bad boy.. .usually the more popular one but it' s not for us.

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