Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chalk Up Another Good Review for CASH!

From Rampage Online

Would you take a briefcase full of money if it fell on the hood of your car?

This is the question faced by a couple in the film “Ca$h,” written and directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson.

Sam Phelan (Chris Hensworth) and his wife Leslie (Victoria Profeta) both work hard but still struggle to make ends meet. One day while Sam is driving on the freeway, a suitcase falls right out of the sky and lands on his car. Sam is at first concerned about the damage done to his vehicle until he discovers what’s in the briefcase, a whole lot of cash.

Realizing his wife is currently at the bank trying to keep their home from being foreclosed, he rushes to meet her. The manager is refusing to help the couple any longer due to non-payment. Sam arrives and, after insulting the man, pays him the balance, shocking both the manager and his wife.

Once home, Sam tells Leslie about the money which comes to a total of $625,000. Leslie, fearful they could get in trouble, wants to turn the money over to the authorities. Sam disagrees and thinks the money is a gift from God, arguing it could make their lives a lot easier. Leslie reluctantly gives in and they head off on a shopping spree and a whole lot of adventure...

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