Friday, March 12, 2010

The Film CA$H Casting Call: Cast yourself by placing yourself in the official movie poster!

CA$H stars notorious bad boy Sean Bean (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Lord of the Rings), 2011's hottest star Chris Hemsworth (Marvel's upcoming THOR, Star Trek) and The Drew Carey Show's Victoria Profeta (Push). CA$H, a quirky psychological thriller, releases March 26th in select cities; April 9th nationwide.

Be the face of the CA$H movie poster with this special partnership with PhotoFunia!

1. Choose Sean, Chris or Victoria and upload a clear picture of your face. A side profile image works best for Chris; an over-the-shoulder pose works best for Sean; and a frontal view is most compatible for Victoria.

2. Save the picture and upload as your profile picture for Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

3. Click "Publish" to share this on your Facebook. While you're at it, join The Film CA$H Fanpage!

Get Your New CASH Facebook Profile Pic Today!