Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Peek at New Ca$h Movie Stills!


And you're the first, you lucky people. And we are ALL lucky--wait until you see these shots--they'll give you just a taste of much more to come! (make sure to double-click to enlarge view)

Feedback everyone, we need feedback here on the
Ca$h Blog!

  • Tell us what you think of Pyke's lovely orange jumpsuit.
  • The ever appealing Benjamin tattoo.
(Should it replace Sean's 100% Blade tattoo?!)
  • Should Sean keep the new suit to wear after the film is over?
  • Should he wear his hair like Pyke or Reese from now on?
  • Is Chris Hemsworth more attractive with or without a gun in his hand? (Did you know he's playing James T. Kirk's father in the new Star Trek movie?)

  • you agree or disagree? Are the majority of most men cowards???

We want your thoughts now!