Sunday, February 14, 2010

CASH is the Must See Film of 2010

We are thrilled about all the fantastic press coverage for CASH since the announcement of the film’s March 26 US theatrical release date. All agree CASH is the must see Indie Film of 2010.

The press buzz started in the summer of 2009 when Variety tweeted the CASH producers about the film's success at Cannes:

The buzz in the press has only gotten bigger after the recent announcement that Los Angeles distributor Roadside Attractions will open the film theatrically on March 26th. Below is just a sampling of the CASH coverage:

Screen Rant says:

After having a good showing and building up a decent amount of steam at last year’s American Film Market, the film Cash has been floating around, working on a distribution deal. The news now is that Three Good Men, the studio behind Cash, has struck a deal with Roadside Attractions for a theatrical release on March 26th, 2010 and Lionsgate will handle the DVD release. That’s good news for fans of both Bean and Hemsworth.

The Hollywood Reporter says:

The Chicago-set action thriller features Hemsworth and Profeta as a couple who find a suitcase full of cash that brings with it a sinister character played by Bean.

ScreenDaily says:
Roadside Attractions has acquired all US rights to the crime thriller Ca$h starring Sean Bean and newcomer Chris Hemsworth.
Roadside will release the film theatrically on March 26 and Lionsgate will handle DVD and other US ancillary markets through the partners’ output deal.

Moviehole- Hemsworth Flick Bowing March 26:

Chris Hemsworth had been in the U.S. only a few weeks when he auditioned for CA$H. We saw immediate potential in him, and CA$H became his first film, added Anderson.


Stephen Milburn Anderson's thriller CA$H, stars Chris Hemsworth (the upcoming Thor) and Victoria Profeta as a struggling couple. They find a suitcase full of money, which brings "strange and sinister" Sean Bean to their door.

Congratulations to CASH for all the great press coverage. We can't wait for the film to open on March 26.

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