Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Peek at New Ca$h Movie Stills!


And you're the first, you lucky people. And we are ALL lucky--wait until you see these shots--they'll give you just a taste of much more to come! (make sure to double-click to enlarge view)

Feedback everyone, we need feedback here on the
Ca$h Blog!

  • Tell us what you think of Pyke's lovely orange jumpsuit.
  • The ever appealing Benjamin tattoo.
(Should it replace Sean's 100% Blade tattoo?!)
  • Should Sean keep the new suit to wear after the film is over?
  • Should he wear his hair like Pyke or Reese from now on?
  • Is Chris Hemsworth more attractive with or without a gun in his hand? (Did you know he's playing James T. Kirk's father in the new Star Trek movie?)

  • you agree or disagree? Are the majority of most men cowards???

We want your thoughts now!


  1. Bloody hell! (THUD)!!! Thanks so much to you and the producers for supplying these pics!

    Love the jumpsuit!!! LOL!!! At least with that color you can't lose him in a crowd!

    Interesting tattoo! I sort of like it better than his Blades one (got more pizaaaz) but I guess it would be more difficult to cover up in other film roles!

    Yes Sean should keep the suit! Nothing he hasn't done before on other films! So why change? LOL!!!

    Oh pleeeeeze! No Pyke hair! No Reese hair either. I like my man Bean with short gelled hair ala the N.Y. Island premiere! Or if it has to be that length, at least fluffier with the hair parted out of his eyes!

    Chris is a very nice looking young man. I'm too old to determine whether or not it's a turn on to see him with or without a gun! LOL!!!

    I don't think most men are cowards.

    Looking forward to this film. I sure hope it gets a wide release and an LA premiere! I know I'll be there with bells on.

  2. Lovely pics! Especially like the Reese one!

  3. Great photos - thanks for sharing.

  4. The pictures are great. I love Sean's sideburns!!

  5. Gorgeous photos, girls, and I really think he should keep the orange suit! Not sure about the hair, though ...

  6. The movie poster is very clever, with Sean being the lines in the dollar sign ($). I like it!

  7. Nice site ! The pictures are Great. Looks like a movie I want to see, and get the DVD when it comes out. This is from April2007 even if it comes up Anonymous --

  8. Rob said...

    "The movie poster is very clever, with Sean being the lines in the dollar sign ($). I like it!"

    OMG!!! I never even noticed that! Thats a very clever design! I guess I was too busy drooling over the bigger pic of him in the UL corner of that poster! {{{giggle}}}}

  9. Beautiful stuff, very intriguing. Sean looks quite scummy as the other twin, should be interesting. Wonderful site!

  10. Great pictures. Thanks for these. Really looking forward to the film coming out. I agree with Rob about the poster- very clever design. Like the jumpsuit, not too keen on the tattoos!

  11. Sean Looks Great. Not sure about the tatoos though!

  12. Fantastic. Cant wait to see it.

  13. So, when is this movie coming out?

  14. Am having a hard time posting comments.

  15. Answers to the two comments posted above:

    As it now stands, Ca$h is planned for a Fall 2009 release.

    On Posting:
    There have been some issues with getting comments to post and the only solution seen for now is to a)continue to try posting because it does come through eventually and outside of using an Open ID or Anonymous ID, if you register with and create an account it seems to make the process go a lot smoother.
    Thanks so much and please don't give up.