Friday, March 20, 2009

Waiting in Anticipation

Excitement is building! Ca$h! the new film starring Sean Bean is coming out sometime in 2009. and we as life-long Bean fans cannot wait.

In Ca$h! a man meets up with two good people to recover what is unlawfully his, taking them on a whirlwind ride, manipulating them to do things they never would have imagined, just to survive.
This highly anticipated film stars everyone's favorite bad guy Sean Bean as Pyke Kubic in the new thriller from Stephen Milburn Anderson and Naveen Chathappuram.

When news first broke that Sean was filming a new movie in Chicago, all attention turned on what looked like an exciting new story being played out against the backdrop of one of America’s most electric, vibrant cities. Glimpses from both fans and passers by wondered what was going on as two different Seans appeared for duty. What was the man known to millions as Boromir doing in their neighborhood???

In this film, we will soon be treated to Sean in the twin roles of Pyke and Reese. Again, Sean will show us an evil character that is fully human, the good and evil side that resides in all of us as part of human nature. It begs the question is it nature or nurture that brings out a particular side?

Now it looks as if the last touches are being put in place to get Ca$h! out to cinemas later this year. Join us for continuous breaking news, special features and exciting announcements regarding Ca$h in the weeks to come!

Myriam and Traci


  1. This site is wonderful! I love all the info, and am excited to hear about any updates. Also, Traci Moore is a superb human being.

  2. "Also, Traci Moore is a superb human being."

    I agree :)