Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chris Hemsworth Star Trek Now- CA$H Later

CA$H! star Chris Hemsworth can be seen on movie screens now in Star Trek. Chris plays George Kirk, father to future Star Fleet officer James T. Kirk.

Star Trek premiered April 30 in Los Angeles and below we see Chris Hemsworth's arrival at this star packed event:

"Chris Hemsworth (Kirk, Sr.) delivers an outstanding... performance as Kirk’s father, with Jennifer Morrison (Kirk’s mother) doing an equally amazing job. Their work together in the first major pivotal scene in the film is some of the best acting in the entire flick, and will almost certainly make any fan get misty-eyed."

Click on photo to see a video interview with Chris Hemsworth at the Star Trek Premiere.

Chris Hemsworth next film CA$H! will premiere later this year.

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