Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sean Bean Receieves Star on Sheffield's Walk of Fame

Sean Bean Receives Star on Sheffield's Walk of Fame
by Traci Moore and Myriam Lechuga

Our intrepid on the spot reporter Penny Jardine recorded this momentous event on video and took these photographs of Sean Bean receiving his star on the Sheffield Walk of Fame today. For story and video from the Sheffield Star, please click here.

The Cash Film Fan Blog thanks Penny Jardine for her wonderful effort and support!

*Please note that all video and photos are owned and copyrighted by Penny Jardine and cannot be used elsewhere without the express permission of Ms. Jardine.

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  1. These pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them. Its almost like being there... getting to see Sean receive the accolades he's earned with a career of intuitive acting. His work is so evocative and he touches on a depth of feeling that is so genuine and real. I love to see that he is being lifted up in the media to the place he deserves. It does my heart good to see it. It gives hope to other struggling artists that with perseverance and a sincerity about art (no matter what form) that eventually success and appreciation will follow. To see him applauded like this is so very inspiring and such a joyful moment as well. My congratulations go to him and his family...