Monday, February 15, 2010

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  1. Percy Jackson The Lightening Thief is doing quite well at the box office. The $95 million adaption of a popular young-adult fantasy series grossed $31 million in days and $38 million in four days. This means the film will continue to play in multiplexes for awhile. Unless a film does well the opening weekend it goes to DVD and cable. The opening box office of Sean's latest blockbuster exceeds the $19 million three-day debut of The Spiderwick Chronicles, the $23 million debut of Eragon, and the $27 million opening of The Golden Compass. The film co-stars Sean Bean as Zeus and he gives a fierce, compelling and at times FRIGHTENING performance as stern and unforgiving king of the Greek Gods. Industry sources in the entertainment field project that this film could top over $100 million in American box office receipts!

    Although Sean is only in 2 scenes - the first and last scenes of the film - he gives a phenomenal performance that will curl your hair. He nails this role, and is letter perfect in his portrayal of Zeus. This role was tailor made for him.

  2. Wow, this is GREAT news Colleen!!! Thanks so much!