Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Tattoos are featured prominently in the upcoming film CA$H, starring Sean Bean (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Lord of the Rings) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Star Trek). CA$H will open March 26th, 2010 via Roadside Attractions.

The film showcases tattoos on lead star Bean, who is known to have tattoos in actual life, including a “Nine” in Elvish in reference to the nine members of the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings, all of whom got similar tattoos; and a “100% Blade” tattoo in honor of his favorite football team, Sheffield United.

The film also features Bruce Potts, known for his fully-inked face and head.

“Tattoos personify what is important to you,” said CA$H producer Naveen Chathappuram. “The Ben Frank tattooed on Sean Bean’s neck in CA$H says it all. He wants his money from Chris Hemsworth, and that’s all that matters to him.”

The casting of Bruce Potts was a deliberate move by the filmmakers; in fact, CA$H Director Stephen Milburn Anderson saw the brightly-tattooed Potts at an Albuquerque coffee shop and was intrigued by his face. Although Anderson didn’t approach Potts at the time, he jokingly told his wife, “I’ve got to cast that guy in a movie. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

Years later, when Anderson and Chathappuram began filming CA$H, Anderson immediately thought of the matchless face at the Albuquerque coffee shop and began his pursuit of the so-called “tattoo man.” A friend of Anderson’s at the University of New Mexico knew exactly who he was.

“It turns out he was a professor at the University of New Mexico,” laughed Anderson. “People have asked about the brilliant makeup job on Bruce Potts in CA$H. They’re always floored to hear that it’s not makeup. It’s the real deal.”

“We wanted someone who the audience could look at and think, ‘Wow, this guy is really edgy,’” added Chathappuram. ” Bruce Potts was exactly who we were looking for. His tattoos are a work of art.”

The film’s fixation with tattoos emerges from Anderson’s personal interest in the industry.

“It’s ironic because I don’t have a tattoo myself. But I see a lot of people with tattoos that are really fascinating and attractive,” Anderson said. “Naveen and I thought it would add a new dimension to Sean Bean’s character. Once Sean Bean saw the $100 bill design, he really liked it.”

In sync with the money theme, Roadside and the filmmakers have collaborated with www.Eventful.com/cashfilm to offer moviegoers a chance to “Demand” the film and cash in on $2,500.

CA$H is a quirky psychological thriller that explores the power money can wield over humans. When a struggling young couple, Sam (Chris Hemsworth) and Leslie Phelan (Victoria Profeta) find a suitcase full of cash, they think their luck will take a turn for the better—until the strange and sinister criminal Pyke Kubic (Sean Bean) arrives at their doorstep, looking to collect what he believes is rightfully his. What follows is an action-packed adventure through the streets of Chicago as the three are pulled deeper and deeper into a desperate spiral of deception and violence… All in the name of cash. Joining Anderson and Chathappuram is executive producer Prema Thekkek.


  1. Face and neck tattoos are pretty crazy. I don't know if I could ever do that, but it sure does look cool.

  2. wow - he even has his EYELIDS tattooed. That's insane!

  3. hmmm - I wonder what kind of cover up/foundation he uses to go to work every day. Must be some pretty heavy duty stuff! I'd like to get my hands on that!