Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ca$H is Up and Running!

Hi All,
The excitement continues as we let you know the site is now up and running. Go to the site and you will see all kinds of cool extras about the film, including one fab, totally cool contest where you can win a chance to walk the red carpet with Sean Bean!
Check the site for lots of other goodies such as downloads, screensaver, buddy icons, ringtones and more!


  1. As of today (Sunday the 19th) the contest link says it is "Coming soon". Was it there and then they took it down?

    I like some of the new pictures they just added also. The first one of Sean in that grey T-shirt is so "droolable"!!

    Over on the "Multimedia" section they've added two more wallpapers since I last visited. This one pic seems to be reversed, though!.....

    Hey.....someone over in the art department please fix it! LOL!!!

  2. Hello,

    A few days ago it appeared that the contest link was up for a short time. They were only testing the website at the time and not ready to accept submissions for the contest. Keep checking back, we're sure it will be up and running soon.

    I agree with you 100% about the grey T-shirt pic.

    Don't know about the wallpaper. We will pass on your comments to the marketing dept.

    Thank you.

  3. The site won't let me register for updates. When I get to the zipcode box, it won't accept my UK postcode and so won't let me register. Anyone else having problems or is this part just not working yet?

  4. I'm from UK, it accepted my postcode, you might want to try again!

  5. Thanks. I did try again and it accepted me this time.