Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Zeus? Why Stark? Why Sean?

Have you wondered lately why Sean Bean was selected to play Zeus in Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief or to play Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark in HBO's pilot for Game of Thrones? or for Pyke and Reese in CASH? Why has Bean been chosen for these particular roles?

Why Zeus?

To many women in the world Sean Bean is a Greek God. So it was really no surprise that he was selected to play Zeus in Percy Jackson. If you add to that his powerful and very “godlike” deep voice there was no one else they could have selected. Zeus is describe as “king of the gods, the god of sky and weather, law, order and fate, a regal man…” who also seduced women “…in the form of a swan; a bull; a golden shower; and a satyr…” It had to be Sean, the man who seduced Lady Chatterley playing Game Keeper Mellors , playing the part of this mythical lover and god. (The movie is based on a children's book, so we may not see all facets of Zeus in this role). Sean Bean is also one of the few men in this world that can look extremely masculine and dangerous wearing a “skirt”, something we have proof of from the movie Troy. In Troy he played another Greek legend, Odysseus, to perfection and garnered many accolades for his performance as this trickster and traveler.

Chris Columbus, the Director of Percy Jackson, explained in a recent interview why he selected Sean Bean as Zeus :

“I had such a terrific experience working with British actors. It wasn’t just necessarily that they were all Brits; it was a matter of finding who would be believable as gods.

They had to have an other-worldly quality about them. People like Sean Bean, Kevin McKidd and Pierce Brosnan all seem to exist in this world, and also in another world as well. It is hard to explain. I just believe that Brits have been around forever.” To read the entire interview go to:

Why Ned Stark?

Sean Bean will prove to be the perfect selection for Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark if a pilot based on George RR Martin’s book A Game of Thrones, part of his great fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire, becomes an HBO series. Ned is a good hearted and honorable man tossed into a nest of human vipers . He comes from the land of Winterfell, a harsh and cold land, and many think the Starks are also harsh and cold. Ned Stark is also a leader of men, a tested warrior, who is loyal to the men who serve him, and loyal to lifelong friends like the monarch of this mythical land of Westeros, Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy). Sean is perfect for this role because he has played similar men with many of the same human layers; for example Richard Sharpe in the Sharpe series and Boromir in Lord of the Rings. But as Ned he also has to be a tender father to his children, especially to two girls. A father of girls fits Sean Bean entirely too well, since in real life he is the father of three lovely daughters. He is one of those rare actors who can wear chain mail and sword onscreen and look to all the world like those are the clothes he wears weekends at home.

Sean as an actor is a man for all times, and for mythical and real kingdoms and he will surprise many that know only his Hollywood bad guy roles with his range and versatility. The author of this fantasy series is on record as saying "he couldn't imagine a better Ned" than Sean Bean. If the series is picked up by HBO, Sean Bean will be Lord of the Fantasy Series World.

Why Norway??

We interrupt this article for news of a new brave warrior role for CASH star Sean Bean:

If you don't read Norwegian the article is about a new movie Sean will be filming soon in Norway called "The Age of Heroes". Right now news of the film seems to come only from the Norwegian press, and from interviews with Sean's co-star in the film, fellow British actor Danny Dyer. The film is set in World War II. Sean Bean and Danny Dyer also co-starred recently in the UK film Outlaw. (Article link thanks to Toastie on TMB).

Why Pyke and Reese?

For the answer to that question look for the imminent release of The Film CASH.

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