Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CASH Starts Nationwide April 9th!

The time is drawing nearer to see the edgy new thriller right now and will go nationwide on April 9th!

CASH is currently playing in San Diego, Fresno, Las Vegas and Minneapolis! See your local theater listings for dates and times!

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  1. Hi Tracy - Great commentary - it made me feel as I had almost been in the premiere audience at the Palms Theatre in Vegas as I read your blow by blow account of what happened at the premiere! Your cute photo in the elegant purple v neck dress was quite pretty. I loved the pix with you and the rest of the ladies who run forums and blogs that were among the special invitation guests was a treat. Oh gosh, wouldn't you know it....right NOW this very moment as I am typing, there is a PBS commercial for Sharpe's Challenge, now isn't that utterly coincidental and proves what an international star Sean is - he's everywhere!